Designing Book Covers

One of my pet peeves with self-published family histories is the book covers. You’ve spent all that time and effort researching and writing the book, so give it the cover it deserves. Today I stumbled onto two very interesting ways to design an eye-catching cover thanks to Piotr Kowalczyk at Password Incorrect.

The first option is putting Wordle to work. Following Piotr’s instructions, not only can you create an attractive cover, you can include words that describe the contents of your book. Design and description all in one neat package – how cool is that!

The other option uses an interesting iThing app called Phoster [iOS universal - $1.99]. Piotr’s article walks you through the process and shows some interesting options. Even without the app, you could put his ideas to work using Photoshop Elements or another photo-editing platform.

Either way, the effort will create a unique cover that will catch the eye – and the interest – of potential readers. Who knows, it might even help catch a cousin or two in the process.


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