Growing Up Jacksonville: A ’50s & ’60s River City Childhood

GrowingUpJaxJacksonville during the ’50s and ’60s was a wonderful and energetic place for the children who called it home. The northeast corner of the Sunshine State was the perfect and picturesque backdrop for some of America’s timeless traditions. Mothers belonged to garden clubs and fathers played the golf links, while the children who grew up in Jacksonville frolicked on the warm beaches and fed peanuts to Miss Chic, the first elephant at the Jacksonville Zoo. They strapped on skates and held hands as they circled the rink of the famous Skateland, wandered down the stacks at Haydon Burns Library and crossed the many bridges that traversed Jacksonville’s waterways. Join Dorothy Fletcher, former columnist for the Florida Times-Union, as she recounts the memories and adventures of the people who grew up Jacksonville.

  • Author: Dorothy K. Fletcher
  • Publisher: The History Press – April 2012
  • Formats: Print – $17.99, Kindle – $9.99, NOOK – $9.99, iBooks – $9.99