The Researcher’s Digital Toolbox

The popular digital toolbox series from Moultrie Creek Gazette has been updated and expanded to include the latest hardware, software and services that can help you in your research efforts. It takes a fresh look at browsers, newsreaders, notes management, online collaboration and other digital tools that can both improve your research efforts and simplify how you manage the information you find. The new hardware toolbox takes a look at mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and e-readers to evaluate their impact.

One of the biggest challenges to technology guides is keeping things current. To deal with that, the resource index is online – at the author’s Moultrie Creek Gazette blog. The guide links readers to the resource page there. This way resources can easily be updated as things change, insuring you have current information.

  • Author: Denise Barrett Olson
  • Publisher: Moultrie Creek – May 2012
  • Formats: PDF – free

NOTE: The PDF edition has been formatted for reading on a tablet or e-reader.