VideoPress Goes Mobile

VideoPress offers¬†WordPress users access to a very nice video player so you can host your own videos. You can post your video without the advertising and distractions found on other video-hosting services. users with Premium or Business upgrades have VideoPress included in the package. Self-hosted WordPress users can set up a subscription through the…


Windows 10 is out and for the first time Microsoft is offering upgrades for free. If you are running a PC with Windows 7 or 8 installed, your PC will support Windows 10. You have a year to take advantage of this free upgrade offer.

There are a number of new features that look very interesting like the new Edge web browser. Microsoft appears to have taken some lessons from Apple and Google. There is now an apps store as well as a personal assistant app – even fingerprint login.

For details, visit the Windows 10 Upgrade site.


From the Library of Congress . . .

“Every Photo is a Story” is a five part video series in which reference librarian Kristi Finefield and architecture and landscape historian Sam Watters discuss the ways to uncover the story in a photograph. This overview page links to all five videos and their accompanying exercises as well as providing links to additional resources.

View: Every Photo is a Story Video Series

Flickr for Families

Today’s families are spread across the country – and even around the world. Social networking platforms such as Facebook have given us ways to stay in touch across those distances, but they have serious security and privacy issues. Posting vacation photographs on Facebook is also a public announcement that your home is empty – and…


Denise Olson

Feedly Pro users can backup their saved articles, tagged articles and OPML file to their Dropbox account. Go to the very bottom of the Preferences screen to set it up.

What’s an OPML file? That’s the list of all the sites and sources you’ve subscribed to in Feedly. It’s the easiest way to move from one news reader to another, share your subscriptions with someone else or recover from a disaster.

Posting Flickr Photos to WordPress

Summer Evening at Bings Landing

Do you know how easy it is to post a Flickr photo on your WordPress blog? All you need to do is tap the Share icon on the photo’s page in Flickr and copy the photo link then paste it on a line by itself in your post. Choose the image post format if your theme supports it and WordPress will take care of the rest. The photo is inserted without styling or caption as you can see in the example above.

Summer Evening at Bings Landing

Summer evening at Bing’s Landing

For more control, copy the HTML code from Flickr’s sharing panel and paste that into your post. Now you can click on the image to access the photo-editing tools available in WordPress to assign alignment, add captions and such. You can see the difference in this example.

Note that since this image is from an external source and not uploaded to your WordPress site, your blog’s email subscribers will not see the image in the email message they receive. They will need to follow the link to your site to view it.

Family Portrait

Several years ago – while preparing for one of our larger Christmas family gatherings – my cousin in California asked if I would set up an appointment with a photographer to have a family portrait taken. I liked the idea of a family photo, but doubted that many others in this clan would be thrilled…


Digi-know that Wunderlist has a calendar feed? 

You’ll find it in your profile details – just click on your profile icon in the mobile app. To include task reminders in your calendar app, just copy the link from the details screen and paste it into the calendar’s configuration panel. You’ll find the details in the Wunderlist Support Center.