Archival Quality Blogging

I love blogging! It has so many advantages for the genealogist/family historian that I can’t imagine trying to research without including a blog in the process. Not only does it allow me to write the stories of my ancestors as my research develops them, it’s also easy to update those stories when new facts come…

Flickr Tip – Guest Passes

  If you have an album or photo set as private but you want to give someone else access to view it, all you need to do is send him or her a guest pass. It’s really quite easy. Go to the photo or album you wish to share and click on the Share icon.…

Create Your Own Help Desk With Evernote

The most used notebook in my Evernote account is not the Family Research notebook. It’s my Help Desk notebook. Here is where I’ve stashed user guides for appliances, digital devices and software. Here’s where I can find the instructions to clean the oven, change ink cartridges in the printer and reconfigure the phone system. It also…


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iOS 9 – Customize Your Share Sheet

Many iOS apps have the ability to share information/photos/whatever with other people or other apps. In the example below, the Safari app is viewing a person in one of my family trees. The square icon with an arrow pointing up just to the right of the address box is the share button. When tapped, it…

Managing Passwords

We all have dozens of online sites that require a password to access. Many of these sites contain personal information that needs to be protected. Do you use the same password to access every site requiring a login? If so, you are a data thief’s dream come true. Every compromised site – IRS, US government…

Manage your research with Evernote and tags

Evernote is an amazing tool for managing genealogical research. With Evernote you’ll not only have all your research with you wherever you go, but you can have any item of information in front of your eyes in just seconds. Forget folders for each surname and duplicating records when multiple surnames are involved. With Evernote you…

iOS 9 Tip – Spotlight Search

Swipe down anywhere on your home screen to bring up Spotlight’s search. From here you can type in your search criteria or tap the microphone icon and dictate it. Spotlight search not only searches your email, contacts and web, but will also search apps that support it. For example, the new Apple News app and…

Flickr: Make Your Photos Search-Friendly

Flickr user profile

One of the many things that makes Flickr so useful to family historians is its searchability. Flickr offers a number of tools to organize your photos. You control who can see them, who can download them and what copyright licensing you want to give them. Your choices for these settings and others will determine their searchability.