The Personal Archive: Flickr

When it comes to building a photo archive, nothing beats Flickr. Flickr has set the bar by collaborating with a growing number of public archives to make their photographic collections more accessible. The Commons at Flickr hosts collections from The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Museum, George Eastman House, the British National Maritime Museum, the National […]

Photos – an iOS Guide

If you are an iPhone/iPad owner and are fascinated with the photography potential these two devices offer, then you need a copy of Photos by Tom Rudderham [iBooks – $8.99]. This book is gorgeous, inspiring and full of great information. It focuses on the Camera, Photos and iPhoto apps on both the iPhone and iPad, […]

A Scrapbook Slideshow

I’ve been working on some slideshows to present during the holidays but I wanted to include more than just photos. Actually, that’s a very simple thing to do. Using Keynote – the presentation graphics app for Mac/iOS – I can create slides that combine text, graphics and photos which I will export as images (jpeg […]