A Postcard History

Arcadia Publishing Books

Are you familiar with the Images of America and Postcard History series of books? They’re popping up for all sorts of locations, eras and topics. I have several and find them fascinating. They are also a great template for a family history project.

The beauty of this format is that each photo/caption combo becomes its own story and doesn’t necessarily have to tie into the next one. It’s also quite flexible. You can organize your photos/stories by timeline, places, people or topics (schooling, pets, weddings, etc.). Don’t think a caption has to be limited to just a few words either. The books often have paragraph-long captions.

This style is a perfect fit for genea-bloggers. I’m having a great time doing just that at my Moultrie Journal blog – a look at my hometown’s local history. The beautiful building shown below is where I attended kindergarten.

Villa Flora

I’m working on a word processing template to build postcard history ebooks for my Kindle-connected family. One photo/caption per page should be a perfect fit for the Kindle screen and email “publishing” via Kindle’s Personal Document Service couldn’t be easier. I’ll share the details once I get it all figured out.