Moultrie Creek Moultrie Creek is a beautiful tidal creek that meanders around the countryside south of St. Augustine, Florida, before emptying into the Intracoastal Waterway. Over the last 20-plus years, members of the Barrett family have moved to this area to enjoy its beauty and its peaceful settings. The creek also provides the inspiration for much of the content here.

This site is organized magazine style with sections for each interest. Here’s what you’ll find:

Creek Life

Although headquartered on Moultrie Creek overlooking the marsh, this blog celebrates the Barrett family who has lived in the St. Augustine area since the mid-1920s and the branches of the family spread all over the country. It provides a place to present the history of this family with its many branches as well as share the latest news and pictures with all our many connections spread near and far. And, because we love the South, you’ll find photos and stories from many of those places so special to us.

Moultrie Creek provides a gathering place not only for our family, but for those “research cousins” who are looking for help in their search for ancestors. If you’re researching the same family lines I am, please drop me a note or leave a comment on one of the posts. I will be thrilled to share what I know.

Family Matters

Family Matters is the result of two of my favorite pastimes – genealogy and technology. I have found many ways to take advantage of my favorite digital tools to support my family research efforts. Here you’ll find articles discussing online search and research tricks along with tools, applications and services covering all aspects of family history – from research to organization to preservation and even publishing.

I don’t know all there is regarding the technology of research – not even close – but, thanks to this delightful phenomena called blogging, I don’t have to. The genealogy community is full of experts in many areas and many are also blogging. As a result, we have a network of experts sharing their knowledge with us all. You’ll often find articles pointing to this site or that article for more information and you can join the conversation by leaving a comment here or there.

Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek

As a member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits, I’m trying to document the graveyards in this area. This section provides histories of local cemeteries, documents individual graves and tombstones and provides other news and stories related to our graveyards and the people buried in them.

Moultrie Creek Press

Advances in technology offer new and exciting ways to document our family history. This section discusses these technologies and ways they can be used to create a new kind of family history, incorporating images, audio and video with the traditional text and charts. Topics discussed range from writing tools to scrapbooking to building documentaries with lots of how-to information and project ideas.

Research Focus

Surnames included in our extended family include:

  • Barrett in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi
  • McClellan in Georgia and Alabama
  • Henry in Georgia and Pennsylvania or New Jersey
  • Gervais in South Carolina, Mississippi and Texas
  • Levy in Holland, Virginia, Louisiana and Texas
  • O’Keefe in South Carolina
  • Barker in Georgia
  • Blake in Georgia and Alabama
  • Link in Tennessee
  • Deboe in Tennessee
  • Randolph in Tennessee and Virginia

You’ll find a growing research collection at WeRelate for both the Barker and Barrett families. You’ll find a collection of family photos at Flickr with a set of photos (Photo 411) where I am looking for more information about the people and places in them. There are also pages at Footnote documenting the Barker family.

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About Me

I’m a native Floridian with family ties from Texas to Virginia. When I enlisted in the Air Force I got my first taste of computer technology. My Palm PDA has more processing power than the first computer I was assigned to operate, but it was much more impressive in both size and purpose. An assignment as a technical instructor sent me on a path of teaching and technical support that adapted to many technology changes – from word processors to personal computers, from text-only displays to highly graphical ones.

I married a Soldier and my status changed from service member to military wife, but my association with the military continues. Today I serve as a civilian employee for the National Guard – helping to support not only our military men and women but the citizens of our great state too.

You can contact me via email at moultriecreek at yahoo dot com or stop by the Moultrie Creek page on Facebook.

  • Sylvia Meeks

    Just found your site and have spent the last hour completely interested in your Graveyard Rabbit pictures and info. I have been to most of the cemeteries, and especially love the Mission. Have often craved more info about so many of the graves.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • http://barrettclan.wordpress.com/ Sande Barrett Bihlmaier

    It is nice to meet another Barrett. I agree that we are probably not in the same line since it seems your Barretts are from the south and my understanding is that a lot of the southern Barretts came through the Reuben Barrett line. Oh sure, I know that they all didn’t but it’s a good starting point. Anyway, my Barrett line is through Thomas or one of his brothers (deduced through DNA testing) who came to America from Essex England in the 1600s. I’ve written a book about my family history … Barretts and all the lines that are intertwined. I have decided to post excerpts from it in my blog. You are welcome to read along.

    Have a great day!