Become a Magazine Publisher with Flipboard

Flipboard, the amazing reading app for iOS and Android devices, has kicked things up a notch with its new magazines feature. If you’re a Flipboard fan, look for an update to your Flipboard app. Once installed, you’ll have access to an already impressive number of user-generated magazines along with the existing social and news offerings. I’ve loved Flipboard since the first day I set eyes on the app and they continue to amaze me with all the new ways to collect interesting news, photos and articles.

With the new magazines feature, users can collect and curate content on their own which Flipboard will display in its trademark magazine format. It only takes a moment to set up a magazine, then you can collect content from across your Flipboard subscriptions – Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – to add to it. You can make your magazine public and share it with others.

Flipboard add panel

After you’ve updated your iOS app (Android updates are coming soon), you’ll notice plus signs all over the content you see displayed on Flipboard. Tap one and a panel similar to the one you see here appears, allowing you to add this item to your magazine (DIGITAL Storytelling in this example) or create a new magazine. As you can see, you can add a caption and even post a link to your Facebook profile.

DIGITAL Storytelling Cover

Here you see the current cover for my magazine. Notice it also includes some interesting analytics about this publication along with the most recent topics. I’m just getting started, but I can see lots of potential for the genealogy community. This could get really interesting!

If you’d like to subscribe to DIGITAL Storytelling, just search for it in Flipboard’s search function. It should show up in the results. There are a number of digital storytelling items in the search results, but only mine has the “A creative resource for family historians” tagline.

  • Jacqi Stevens

    After you posted on Flipboard yesterday, I noticed it exploded on Twitter last night! Thanks for the follow up today…and I’ll be reading up on your “related articles” links. This seems like a promising tool.

    • Denise Barrett

      It’s a great tool – and it’s free! I highly recommend it.