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Moultrie Creek BooksSince I “opened” Moultrie Creek Books, I’ve been on a fun and fascinating adventure of discovery. The quantity and quality of family histories is impressive and I’m delighted to see all the creative ways people have found to tell their stories. On of my favorite examples comes from the Scolnik brothers who found their father’s childhood sketchbook. They then scanned it and turned it into a beautiful book – Stuff I Remember – which they presented to him on his 80th birthday. Now we all can enjoy this time capsule of life in the Bronx in the early 20th century from the perspective of one little boy. Keith Gregson’s A Viking in the Family collects all kinds of quirky characters and stories found by people researching their families. Since most of us have quirks of our own, you’ll read this book with a smile on your face as you compare notes. In Stories for Oliver, Charles Wrightson created a collection of stories about his life, along with several poems, to pass on to his grandson. What a special gift!

I hope you will stop by Moultrie Creek Books and browse the virtual stacks. Not only are there amazing stories, you’ll also find a growing collection of local histories and transcriptions. One thing you’ll find in abundance is inspiration. If you’re looking for ideas for your own family history project, you’ll find lots of great ones here. And, if you need help pulling it together, you’ll find plenty of research guides and how-to books too.

Moultrie Creek Books wants to be the place for family history publishing. Once you complete your family publishing project, let me know and I’ll be delighted to showcase your book here.

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