Browser Update: Dolphin Browser

Browsing the Web on a mobile device can be a challenge. In addition to the small screens of mobile phones, there are now all shapes and sizes of tablets too. Yes, many web sites provide mobile-friendly editions of their site, but not all mobile browsers take advantage of the site designer’s efforts. Fortunately there are now more browser choices and you aren’t just stuck with your device’s default browser. One of those options is the Dolphin Browser [iOS and Android – free].

Dolphin offers versions for both phones and tablets (the Dolphin Tab for Android tablets is still in beta and requires Android 4.0) to insure that both device types get the best browsing experience possible. Each version includes features – like Sonar voice search on the Android phone app – making it as easy as possible to use. Another one of those features is gestures. You draw a simple character or symbol on your screen to perform an action or display a site. For example, one of the default gestures is “G” which will bring up the Google search page. You can easily create your own gestures to do the things you want to do.

It’s difficult to describe all the things Dolphin does so I’ve built a slideshow with screenshots from my iPad. Granted, things will look a bit different on a phone or Android device, but this will give you a feel for Dolphin’s capabilities.