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Tumblr Adds Messaging

This week Tumblr is rolling out an interesting new text messaging feature. You’ll know you have messaging capabilities when you see the face icon in your toolbar. Mobile users need to update their apps. This is a “slow” rollout so you might not see the icon yet. Not to worry. All you need is an invitation and you’ll…

Archival Quality Blogging

I love blogging! It has so many advantages for the genealogist/family historian that I can’t imagine trying to research without including a blog in the process. Not only does it allow me to write the stories of my ancestors as my research develops them, it’s also easy to update those stories when new facts come…

The Blog Scrapbook

Moultrie Creek blog

Although post formats have been a part of WordPress for some time, they don’t do much until you have a theme that supports them. Sometime back I upgraded my Magazine theme to the premium version and actually had the presence of mind to purchase a “bundle” that also included the Arcade theme. As you can see here…

Spotlight Theme – Fiore

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This week’s WordPress theme offers a classic blog layout with a vintage feel. It’s support for post formats would make it a great choice for a family history blog full of stories, photos and ephemera.

WordPress To Go

These days I find I’m writing most of my blog posts on my iPad using the WordPress mobile app. With the latest update, it’s gotten even easier to add and update content. In addition to my own blogs – currently there are four – I also manage four more. Each of them are set up…

WordPress Text Shortcuts

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WordPress 4.3 was released yesterday and one of the new features is text shortcuts in the post/page editor screens. Basically, the editor now supports some basic Markdown codes. What does this mean for you? It means that you can assign simple formatting codes for blockquotes, headings and bullets without taking your hands off the keyboard.…


The latest update to the WordPress app for iOS has some impressive new additions. First, the Stats screen now has an Insights section that gives a much broader view of your blog’s traffic. It takes a few seconds to load, but it’s worth the wait. You can add images from your blog’s media library and even view embedded images included in your comments. If you are managing multiple sites, you can search the sites list to find the one you need quickly. 

Backup WordPress

Backup is just as important for your blog as it is for your computer. For WordPress users, there are a couple of ways you can do this. sites are automatically backed up and self-hosted users can take advantage of one of the many backup plugins to automatically backup their database. Then there’s the WordPress…