Digital Storytelling

Organize Writing Projects In Ulysses

Ulysses [Mac – $49.99, iPad – $19.99] is an impressive writing platform yet quite easy to master. Unlike Scrivener, where every writing project is a separate file, Ulysses creates a library package that contains all your writing projects. This package is very similar to the library used in Photos. When a project package is saved in iCloud and you…

Family History Writing Platforms

Are you like me and writing your family history one story at a time as your research discovers it? I’ve watched my collection of “little stories” grow significantly over the years. Now, it’s a matter of getting all of those stories collected and organized so they can be used to create family history projects to…

Digi-Know … You Can Theme Your Ulysses Workspace

The Ulysses writing platform supports themes for your writing workspace. These themes define colors for the background and formatting codes. Why is this useful? When I’m writing in a bright room with good light a white background is easy to read, but in a room with low lighting that same white background becomes quite glaring…

Sharing Keynote Projects


Keynote is a great platform for building beautiful family history projects full of photos, charts and graphics. You’ll find there are also a broad range of sharing options available to help you distribute these projects to your family.

The Circle B Ranch

The Circle B Ranch is a Ken Burns-style photo documentary and was created using Keynote on a Mac. Basically, it is a photo slideshow with narration and some background music that was exported as a movie. Windows users can put PowerPoint to work with very similar results.

The toughest part of this project was selecting the photos and writing the script.

Share to Day One

When Mac users include Day One as a share menu option, things can get real interesting. Sure it will do the obvious tasks – like pulling in a photograph from Photos – but what it does with Safari can be very useful. Here I’ve selected some text from one of my favorite blogs then selected…

Protecting Your Posts

Have you considered developing a writing workflow that not only makes it easy to post to your blog, but also create a copy in your writing platform of choice? You may want to do this – for more than just convenience.