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Digi-know that Wunderlist has a calendar feed? 

You’ll find it in your profile details – just click on your profile icon in the mobile app. To include task reminders in your calendar app, just copy the link from the details screen and paste it into the calendar’s configuration panel. You’ll find the details in the Wunderlist Support Center.


Regular data backups are just one part of protecting your computer and data from disaster. When did you last update your antivirus definitions? What about security updates? Adobe recently released a critical security update for Flash. If you use Flash, this is important!

Searching With A !Bang

DuckDuckGo is the search engine known for protecting your privacy, but that’s not all it can do. Its !bang feature makes it easy to search a specific site. See what !bang can do for you.


Denise Olson

If you are a LastPass user, you need to change your password immediately. The company reports that their online locker has been hacked. See their security notice for more details.