Digital Toolbox

Create Your Own Help Desk With Evernote

The most used notebook in my Evernote account is not the Family Research notebook. It’s my Help Desk notebook. Here is where I’ve stashed user guides for appliances, digital devices and software. Here’s where I can find the instructions to clean the oven, change ink cartridges in the printer and reconfigure the phone system. It also…

iOS 9 – Customize Your Share Sheet

Many iOS apps have the ability to share information/photos/whatever with other people or other apps. In the example below, the Safari app is viewing a person in one of my family trees. The square icon with an arrow pointing up just to the right of the address box is the share button. When tapped, it…

Managing Passwords

We all have dozens of online sites that require a password to access. Many of these sites contain personal information that needs to be protected. Do you use the same password to access every site requiring a login? If so, you are a data thief’s dream come true. Every compromised site – IRS, US government…

Browsing Internet Archive With Documents

The Documents app [iOS – free] is more than a PDF reader – a lot more. Not only can it read an impressive list of document formats, it is also a document management tool. With Documents you can connect to iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and many other cloud storage services. You can copy, move,…


Android users may still be vulnerable to Stagefright. Google has just released another patch to fix the problems in the first patch. Zimperium, the company that first discovered Stagefright, has released the Stagefright Detector app to see if it is on your device.

Research 101: The Computer


We spend a lot of time and effort learning to use the databases, search engines and genealogy programs that support our research. What about the computer that makes it all possible? Are you taking advantage of the tools it provides?


If you use the Firefox browser, you need to update it right away. There is a major exploit actively trying to steal your data. TheNextWeb is reporting:

A major vulnerability discovered by Mozilla lurking in an advertisement shown by a Russian news site could steal your files and upload them to a Ukrainian server without you ever knowing.

The flaw exploits Firefox’s PDF viewer and the JavaScript context to inject a script that can search for and upload local files. All you need to do is load the page with the exploit and it’ll silently steal files in the background.

All Firefox users are urged to update to version 39.0.3 right away.