Want to stay safe online? Then forget everything you think you know about passwords, antivirus and online security because it’s time to be retrained. Here’s what the experts actually do.

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Source: 8 Tips for Online Safety Used by Security Experts

Word Processing Tip – Using Section Breaks

Have you ever had to make “one little change” to a large word-processing document only to find it had destroyed all your page breaks, photo placements and other design elements you spent hours formatting? Family history projects are always a work in progress so chances are good you’ll be inserting new content all over the…

Disqus for Books?


When you purchase a Take Control Of book, you get a lot more than a well-written book. Thanks to Disqus, you also have an impressive support system.

Fonts on iOS


Want to use your iPad when you present, but hate the limitations on fonts in Keynote? Here’s one solution.

The Day One Scrapbook

Is Day One included in the Share menu on your Mac and iOS devices? It’s a great way to grab news items and other ephemera to add to your journal.


The new Photos app for the Mac may look simple, but there are some amazing editing tools here. This Macworld article takes a look at the Adjust tool. It may look quite basic, but you’ll soon realize that looks are deceiving.

Creating graphics from fonts

Lettering can be an amazing design tool – and very affordable too. Take something as simple as a curly brace, blow it up to 144 pts or more, add some color and effects and you now have a rather impressive graphic element that could quickly draw a reader’s eye to a quote from a journal…