e-Style: Linespacing

Leading, a term that goes back to the days of typesetting, is the space between one line of type and the next. Originally a strip of lead was placed between each line of set type to provide that spacing. These strips varied in width to compensate for the different type sizes. Today, we use the…

Scrivener Updates

Both the Windows and Mac versions of Scrivener have been updated. You’ll find a few changes in the user interface – especially on the Mac version so it fits in with the look and feel of the new OS. They have also incorporated the latest version of MultiMarkdown (v. 4). Most of the updates are…

iOS 9 Tip – Find on Page

Safari (iOS) users will be delighted to hear there is now a Find On Page option available in Safari’s share menu. Scroll through the options and tap the Find on Page magnifying glass. A search box appears to enter your search string. Hit the Return key and Safari will display the results at the bottom of the screen with up/down icons to jump to each one.

 Safari Share Menu 

Discover Photos’ Editing Secrets

Although I’m a great fan of Apple’s simple design principles, there are times when they can be a bit frustrating. For example, I’m just beginning to discover the many editing features available in the Photos app – both on my desktop and my devices. Here’s a quick look. When you enter Edit mode you just…


Want to stay safe online? Then forget everything you think you know about passwords, antivirus and online security because it’s time to be retrained. Here’s what the experts actually do.

Great advice from makeuseof . . .

Source: 8 Tips for Online Safety Used by Security Experts

Word Processing Tip – Using Section Breaks

Have you ever had to make “one little change” to a large word-processing document only to find it had destroyed all your page breaks, photo placements and other design elements you spent hours formatting? Family history projects are always a work in progress so chances are good you’ll be inserting new content all over the…

Disqus for Books?


When you purchase a Take Control Of book, you get a lot more than a well-written book. Thanks to Disqus, you also have an impressive support system.