The new Photos app for the Mac may look simple, but there are some amazing editing tools here. This Macworld article takes a look at the Adjust tool. It may look quite basic, but you’ll soon realize that looks are deceiving.

Creating graphics from fonts

Lettering can be an amazing design tool – and very affordable too. Take something as simple as a curly brace, blow it up to 144 pts or more, add some color and effects and you now have a rather impressive graphic element that could quickly draw a reader’s eye to a quote from a journal…

Archival Quality Writing

Software developers are constantly improving the apps we use to manage our documents and publications. These advances have given us many useful tools to make our efforts easier. However, there is still one major area of concern – how to manage our digital document archives. As word processing applications come and go, we are often…

Whole Lotta Updating Going On

It seems like every time I turn around there’s another set of updates to install. With WordPress 4.0, Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 all due to be released soon, app and plugin developers have been busy getting their software ready for them. Apple has an event scheduled for Tuesday, September 9th. It’s probably…

The Future is HTML

The online world is moving to an updated version of HTML called HTML5. It offers a lot of great things for those of us who create content and we are excited about these new opportunities. BUT! We’re not all there yet.

e-Style: Special Characters

A sure sign of a professional publication is the use of appropriate special characters in the text of your project. From copyright and trademarks symbols to appropriate money symbols and even the degree symbol for temperature, each of these can be easily created thanks to your word processing application. You just need to know where…

Footnotes and Citations in Markdown

If you find you’re spending more time working on your portable devices than on your desktop – especially when it comes to blogging – you need to get acquainted with Markdown. Trying to post even the shortest post from the WordPress app on my iPad was a challenge I only used when I had no…

Building a family network

Facebook’s great but if you want more privacy and security for your family news and photos, you might want to build your own family network. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do!

Found Ephemera: Keynote Vector Graphics

If you have Keynote for Mac, you can draw your own decorative embellishments using the built-in vector drawing tools. What is vector drawing? It’s is the creation of digital graphics using lines, curves and shapes. Unlike bitmap graphics which are made up of a collection of tiny dots (pixels), vector graphics can easily scale in size…


Mac OS X Mavericks users should check the App Store for the latest Safari update. It offers security updates.