Kudos to Evernote

You may have heard of the recent security breach at Adobe. Evernote used the online list of compromised accounts to see if any Evernote users were using the same email address for their Evernote accounts. If so, they received an email message from Evernote recommending they change password right away. Evernote is one of the…

All About Styles

Take a good look at the styles feature in your word processing application. It’s your new best friend when it comes to managing a writing project. This short booklet shows you how styles work and what they can do to make your writing life so much easier.

7 Steps to Secure Your Mobile Gadgets

Kate at The Paycheck Chronicles has discovered a fabulous guide from USAA on protecting yourself and your data when using mobile phones and tablets. By the way . . . although Paycheck Chronicles is focused on the military community, Kate’s blog is full of great financial management information.

Because voicemail’s so passé . . .

Makeuseof offers several very cool options for sending video messages to your friends, family, and mortal enemies. I especially like the birthday greetings idea! Details at makeuseof – 9 Ways To Send Video Messages.

Your Digital Afterlife

Two interesting articles from makeuseof offer some insight in how to prepare for or recover from the digital aftermath when someone dies. The Digital Afterlife – Managing Your Final Affairs. How to Access A Deceased Relative’s Digital Accounts.  

A Paper Dodo Bird?

Is the letter-size document about to join the buggy whip in the museum of things left behind? It’s time to get out of the habit of automatically designing your publications for letter-size paper. Chances are good it will never see paper and probably be read on a tablet or ereader device.

A Look at Flickr’s Galleries

Flickr’s recent makeover includes a new feature – galleries. A gallery is a collection of up to 18 public photos or videos from across Flickr. While most of Flickr’s organizational elements – sets, collections, etc. – have to do with your photographs, galleries allow you to create a curated group of photos from just about…

What’s the Buzz About Drafts?

Drafts [iPhone – $2.99, iPad – $3.99] is an iOS app that could be described as the Swiss Army knife of text editors. It’s not that it has any magical text-editing skills, but rather what it can do with that text once you’ve typed it. Do you ever want to send the same status update to…