Today’s Tech – August 29 has just introduced the Action Bar. It appears at the bottom right corner of the screen for all sites. It provides a number of functions depending on who is visiting the site and which page they are on. When you visit a site you aren’t following, it will just display a Follow button.…

Today’s Tech – Aug 27

Scanner Pro [iOS – $2.99] now includes a manual scanning mode to make edge adjustments after scanning. You can also upload your scanned documents as JPEG files or as multi-page PDFs. Pocket just announced a new feature called Recommendations.  Tap the Reocmmendations tab and you’ll find a personalized selection of recommended content based on the things…

Deja Vu?

Racing the Storm

This weekend we kick off St. Augustine’s 450th celebration. In 1565 a group of 800 Spanish soldiers and settlers arrived here to colonize La Florida and protect the gold fleet from the French who had established a colony just a few miles north on the St. Johns River. We are also keeping an eye on…

Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.

The best treasures are yet to be found.
Mel Fisher

I don’t have to look up my family tree because I know that I’m the sap.
Fred Allen

OS X flaw leaves Macs vulnerable to attacks, no password required

The issue is around a hidden document — Sudoers — which is effectively a list of permissions as to which pieces of software are allowed to mess around with your computer. Unfortunately, a change to how Yosemite stores the list means that it’s now possible to add malware to the register. As such, if you…


Android + Stagefright = Disaster

Let me stress this out once more: the patches are ready to go. They were approved by Google months ago. But you won’t get them for another few weeks (if you’re lucky) or months (most likely) or never (a very solid possibility) depending how old your phone is—if it’s too old manufacturers just stop supporting them—and how lackadaisical your manufacturer and carrier are with regards to updates. Given the open nature of Android, pushing out updates, as Android Central put it, is a “messy, unpredictable business” that requires a lot of “moving parts.

This is the fundamental difference between Android and iPhone. When there’s a bug on iOS, Apple patches it and can push an update to all iPhone users as soon as it’s ready, no questions asked.

Source: Goodbye, Android | Motherboard


Denise Olson

Feedly Pro users can backup their saved articles, tagged articles and OPML file to their Dropbox account. Go to the very bottom of the Preferences screen to set it up.

What’s an OPML file? That’s the list of all the sites and sources you’ve subscribed to in Feedly. It’s the easiest way to move from one news reader to another, share your subscriptions with someone else or recover from a disaster.