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Although this article is focused on authors, it is also relevant to the genealogy community.

If you happen to be an artist or other creative, you live a life with (at least) two facets. A public one and one that is private. That private facet is associated with things like employers, potential employers, significant others, ex-significant others, and minor children. The public one is associated with people who like your work and are or want to be fans of your work. Social Media sites that insist on public links between a public life and a private one put women at risk.

Read How Social Media is Failing Creative Women at In, Bits, & Pixels.


Denise Olson

Many thanks to the Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society for their hospitality this afternoon. I had a delightful time talking about research tools.


Voilá Screen Capture for Mac has been updated to add Photos support. Voilá offers both screen capture and screen recording along with tools to edit and annotate your images and video. The update is free for current users.

You can only borrow a library book, but you get to keep the ideas. ~~unknown

1Password for Mac Supports One-Time Passwords

If you haven’t heard of two factor authentication – also called one-time passwords – you are missing out on one of the best ways to protect yourself online. Two factor authentication makes logging into a site or platform a two-step process. First there’s your standard user name and password, but then the second step is…