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Flickr Photo Archive – Getting Started

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The Getting Started guide walks you through the processes to create your account at Flickr, install the Uploader app so it will automatically upload new photos to Flickr and use the Camera Roll to quickly organize them into Albums.

Scribd is having upload issues so while they are being resolved you can download a copy of the guide here.

Flickr Photo Archive – Getting Started is a PDF document approximately 15.4 MB in size.

Flickr Photo Archive Series

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The Moultrie Creek Guides collection at Scribd continues to grow. Here’s a look at the updated Cameral Roll guide. The Flickr Photo Archive Series continues to grow. This guide looks at Flickr’s new Camera Roll and how to use it to quickly process and organize photos uploaded to Flickr. The Search guide has also been…

Flickr Tip – Guest Passes

  If you have an album or photo set as private but you want to give someone else access to view it, all you need to do is send him or her a guest pass. It’s really quite easy. Go to the photo or album you wish to share and click on the Share icon.…

Flickr: Make Your Photos Search-Friendly

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One of the many things that makes Flickr so useful to family historians is its searchability. Flickr offers a number of tools to organize your photos. You control who can see them, who can download them and what copyright licensing you want to give them. Your choices for these settings and others will determine their searchability.