The Personal Archive

Flickr for Families

Today’s families are spread across the country – and even around the world. Social networking platforms such as Facebook have given us ways to stay in touch across those distances, but they have serious security and privacy issues. Posting vacation photographs on Facebook is also a public announcement that your home is empty – and…


Denise Olson

Took a quick look at the new Google Photos platform. I didn’t see any metadata options (tags, EXIF, licensing) or any options for limiting viewing of individual pictures. I’ve been with Flickr for almost 10 years and don’t see a reason to change.

Awesome Flickr Updates

I spent a delightful morning playing with the new Flickr apps. They just released complete overhauls of the iOS and Android apps and they are yummy. Every photo I take on my phone is automatically uploaded to the new Camera Roll function in my online Flickr account. I have the cellular upload setting turned off…

Archiving Email

Email is an important component of everyone’s personal archive. And, with the right tools, it’s not that hard to organize and manage them with the rest of your personal documents. Here’s how.

Future-Proofing Your Family History

Google VP, Vint Cerf, lit up the newsreaders with his talk on “bit rot” this week. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it refers to digital files that can no longer be opened or viewed because the software or technology that was used to create them no longer exists. My guess is that anyone who…

Evernote’s Scannable App

Evernote’s new Scannable app [iOS – free] has quickly become the most-used tool on my iPhone. It makes scanning papers, documents and even publications amazingly easy. All you need is some decent light and a contrasting surface to capture beautiful scans in seconds. Scannable takes advantage of the contrasting background to “find” the edges of your document.…