Charming Stories


Susan Branch is one of my favorite artists and her books are always a delight. She has combined her artistic and writing skills into a delicious combination of stories, photos, quotations, artistic embellishments and recipes. While enjoying her travels across England and discussions about people, places and things that make up her world, I’m also marveling at the legacy she will leave behind with all these charming multimedia stories that are the contents of her blog.


Speaking of charms, one of my favorite posts is about her charm bracelet. Like most charm bracelets, each charm has a history which she shares with her readers. The photographs are gorgeous, but the watercolor sketches are as much a treasure as the bracelet itself.


Few of us have the artistic skills of Susan Branch, but that doesn’t mean we can’t blog about our own personal and family treasures in creative ways. And, at some point those blog articles could be collected and arranged into a treasure book for your family’s enjoyment – both now and in the future.

I’m looking at my charm bracelet in a whole new light. I already see several good stories just waiting to be written. What stories do your charms hold?