Christmas Cards for the 21st Century

There’s a new breed of greeting cards offering both digital and print options for sharing. I have reached a point where most of my Christmas cards are now electronic, but there are still a number of people on my list who don’t use computers. So, I’m delighted to see companies like Sincerely and Paperless Post offering beautiful print cards which are selected, customized and addressed digitally to be sent as postal mail. Sincerely’s Ink holiday postcards let you choose from a number of designs that incorporate your own photograph and even have room to add your own note. You can create a custom card/greeting for each recipient or use one for all – pulling your addresses right from your digital address book. Sincerely will print and mail them for you for approximately $1.00 per card.

ink cards

Ink cards are created using the free Ink app on your mobile device [iOS and Android]. Learn more at the Ink site.

Paperless Post creates e-cards as well as print ones and they also offer an impressive digital invitation/RSVP system. These cards offer both standard greetings and those designed to incorporate your photograph. The e-cards include envelopes and give you the opportunity to choose their design as well as the card’s. Prices are based on type and design.

Experience an online card at Paperless Post. Paperless Post cards can be designed and tracked online or in the free iPad app.