Cool Tools: Voilà Screen Capture for Mac

I have discovered a screen capture app for Mac that is totally awesome – Voilà [Mac – $14.99]. Not only can it capture just about anything on your screen, but it can also edit and annotate the resulting capture as well as save and organize those captured images. Oh, and you’re not just stuck with images either. You can capture screen recordings too so I can record a walk-thru of a process then send it to my tech-challenged sister instead of trying to explain for hours.

As you can see in this example, the Voilà workspace looks very similar to iPhoto. Use the information panel on the right to name your screen capture and add other metadata. On the left you see several smart collections that your clips will be automatically saved to depending on how they were captured and what you did with them afterward. You can also create your own collections like I have here to organize clips by project or purpose. I use screen capture mostly to support the articles and tutorials I create so my collections relate to blogs or projects. If you’re capturing research, you might use surnames or locations for your collections.

The annotation tools are pretty awesome too. Sure I can add arrows and boxes to highlight something on the screenshot. I can also include text and even blur private information on the screen that doesn’t need to be displayed for all to see. From here I can crop and resize my capture as well as rotate and flip them.

When finished, each item is automatically saved in Voilà’s own library – again very similar to the way iPhoto handles photos. There are tons of sharing options ranging from sending a clip to Mail, iPhoto or even Pages to publishing them to Flickr, YouTube or other online locations via FTP. You can also set up your own custom options.

I have hardly touched the surface of what this amazing app will do – haven’t even looked at the screen recorder/video editing options yet – but I’m totally delighted with it. My point of reference for screen capture has always been TechSmith’s SnagIt app. This is right up there at SnagIt’s level – but at a much more affordable price. SnagIt for Mac sells for $50 and Voilà’s normal price is $30. As I said earlier, right now it’s on sale for $15.