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I’m a dedicated genea-blogger. I believe that the blog platform is a fabulous way to build a family history and connect with research cousins. We’ve all enjoyed the help and encouragement from others in our very special community.

BUT. . . What will happen to my work if something happens to me or if I can’t maintain my blog any longer? Or, what if I would like to create and share a collection of my favorite articles with family members who don’t want anything to do with computers? What options do I have?

You might want to consider creating a blog book. The Blurb publishing platform was the first to offer this kind of product, but others are beginning to see the light. Blurb uses their BookSmart software to import your blog posts into the book theme of your choice. Once imported, you can make all the editing and formatting changes you want. Want to add more photos or scanned documents? No problem!


A view of BookSmart after blog content has been imported.

Once finished, upload to Blurb and place your order. Blurb works with the major hosted blog platforms – Blogger, TypePad, Live Journal and Unfortunately, those of us hosting our own blog sites will have to copy/paste our articles into BookSmart to create our blog books.

Another service that looks promising is Blog2Print. The offer a 20-page soft cover book for $15 with additional pages costing 35¢ each. This service works with Blogger, TypePad and as well as self-hosted sites. You choose the cover design, images, posts to include and any comments you want to include. Blogger users can take advantage of a subscription service to archive all your blog posts automatically – either monthly or quarterly – to a PDF document that is sent to you and backed up on their servers. The quarterly subscription costs $20/year and the monthly is $25/year. You can also have a copy printed (a 20 page soft cover book will cost $15). They also offer an Everything2Print service which grabs your Facebook albums, Twitter content and more starting at $15 for a 20-page soft cover book.

These services are part of a growing number of platforms offering options for archival or alternate distribution. They’re definitely worth a look.
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3 comments for “Create a Blog Book

  1. August 17, 2010 at 8:04 am


    I’ve been trying! The Blog2Print doesn’t offer as many design features, so Blurb looked wonderful. Only, the software doesn’t want to slurp my blog. Tech support’s answer was for me to provide them with my log in credentials, which I hated to do. Still waiting for an answer so I can change my password. I can’t wait to use it – I just wish it would work like their instructions say it will!


    • August 17, 2010 at 12:09 pm

      I’m sorry you had problems. My little site was slurped up with no problems. I guess the key word here is small. Keep me posted on your results.

  2. August 20, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Ah, they figured it out! If you have a WordPress blog and you have it set so that your admin page always uses HTTPS, then Blurb’s blog slurper WILL NOT WORK. You have to uncheck that in your settings, then it works. The program is rather cool – gosh, this will take me hours to get it looking “just right”!

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