Dolphin Browser Update

The Dolphin Mobile Browser [iOS & Android – free] recently received a significant update with several new – and very useful – new features. First among those is integration with Evernote. Make the connection to your Evernote account and you can quickly send a page or image to Evernote by tapping on the Share icon as shown below. Notice that Evernote isn’t the only sharing option.

Dolphin browser on iPad

Dolphin browser on iPhoneAs you see here, the Share feature works much the same on the iPhone also. From these share panels, you control which notebook this note will be sent to and can add tags and notes before you send it. Evernote isn’t the only sharing option. You can also share pages or parts of pages with Facebook and Twitter or send it to Box or as an email message to anyone. And you can use Dolphin’s annotation tools to highlight interesting segments or add a note directly on the page you are sharing.

Another new feature is the ability to connect between your desktop and devices. Install the Dolphin Connect add-on to your Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser and you can keep your bookmarks, history, tabs and saved passwords synched between them all. And you can send web content from one device to another. For example, if you’re planning a trip, you might be looking at maps on your desktop to some of the places you want to visit. Using Connect, you can send those maps to the Dolphin browser on your phone or tablet so you’ll have them easily accessible while you’re traveling.

Speaking of traveling . . . Dolphin’s existing Sonar feature lets you use your voice to perform functions and call up specific web sites. There’s also the gesture feature where you can set up “squiggle” shortcuts using your finger to write a letter or symbol to take you to specific sites. For example you could set up a gesture where you use your finger to write an “a” on the screen and Dolphin takes you to Ancestry’s front page.

Android users have an advantage over iOS users in that there are a growing number of add-on apps (Dropbox, Pocket and Wikipedia for starters) you can use with your Dolphin browser. Swipe to the left on the Dolphin screen to display and install them from the app showcase.

All browser users can swipe right to display the bookmarks panel where you’ll find your bookmarked pages along with several interesting cloud options. The Cloud Tabs item will display the current tabs in your connected devices and you can perform a Cloud Sync operation at any time from this panel.


The Dolphin browser has matured into an impressive app and quickly becoming my go-to browser on my mobile devices. The tabs alone made it quite useful, but these new features have made browsing on my iPad a delightful experience. Take a look and see for yourself.