How would you like to send a web article to your favorite e-reading app to read at your leisure – and without the distractions found on most web sites? You can with dotEPUB. With this delightful service, you just install a bookmarklet (an extension for the Chrome browser) in your browser then whenever you find a blog article or web site that you would like to read later, just hit the bookmarklet and dotEPUB will download the content in either ePUB or Kindle format.

dotEPUB blog article in iBooks (ePub format)

Installing the bookmarklet on an iPhone/iPad is a bit more difficult but the actual “sending” effort is simpler since the iThing will ask which app you’d like to use to open the article. The example above shows a recent Gazette article opened in iBooks. You determine if you want the content you send to ePub format to include images and hyperlinks. It can make the processing time longer depending on the number of images included in your sent content. For example, sending a photo gallery page could take a long time and generate a very large file.

Same article in Kindle app (Kindle format).

dotEPUB can also send web content in Kindle format as shown in this example. I have two bookmarklets on my iPad – one for each format – and decide which format I want. If I’m using the service from my desktop or another computer, I can then use Kindle’s Personal Document Service to email it to my Kindle device. Dropbox can quickly move the documents to iThings or NOOK Color/Tablet devices.

Now, if Calibre would just give me a “recipe” for combining a collection of dotEPUB articles into one ePub file, I could build my own personal weekend magazine to enjoy at my leisure . . .

  • Becky Jamison

    I have learned more from YOU in the past year than I’ve learned from any one single source EVER, Denise! I feel like you’re my personal tutor. The subjects you teach about are those that I’m interested in. I had installed the ePUB app and promptly forgot about it—including what to use it for. Things just come at me too fast. So I really appreciated your post here. I need to use it to send your web posts to my Kindle Fire. I wish you’d put all your good info (including the TechTips) into one book. I’d take it with me everywhere! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH, Denise!