ePublishing Inspiration

I have looked at iBooks Author [Mac – free], the software Apple developed to create multimedia books for the iPad, but hadn’t been able to get too excited about it . . . until now. Recently, I purchased a copy of Tom Rudderham’s Photos [ $5.99 – iBooks] and I was so blown away with both the content and the presentation that I’ve pulled out the iBooks Author app again and starting to experiment for myself.

Sample page from Photos by Tom Rudderham.

Sample page from Photos by Tom Rudderham.

Photos is all about mobile photography so you can imagine the gorgeous examples included in the book. Yes there are videos – one or two – but each is short and simple and only used when needed to explain a concept. Many of the books I’d read that used iBooks Author were so loaded with widgets and videos just because they could that the content was left behind. In Photos, the photographs caught my eye and the words explained how I could create that effect myself.

I am lucky in that most of my immediate family – my primary audience – have iPads. That doesn’t mean I would limit my publishing focus to just them. With iBooks Author, I can also create a PDF edition of any book project which anyone can read. I would like to include a few whistles and bells which won’t “translate” into the PDF edition, but I think there’s a workaround or two I can use for them.

My publishing projects are too graphical for most ereaders, but by combining iBooks Author for the iPad readers and PDF/Scribd for everyone else, I can produce stories full of photos and ephemera that are both fascinating and eye-catching.