Evernote Tip: Batch Editing Notes

I’m not sure why January is the month that everyone – especially retailers – focuses on getting organized. Maybe it’s the “fresh start” each new year represents. Whatever its cause, I’ve definitely got the bug. And the area that’s getting most of my attention is my Evernote notes. The cold days of winter are a good time to review, organize, prune and archive my notes. Fortunately, Evernote has some great batch editing capabilities to make this effort a lot easier.

Evernote Batch Editing

Evernote batch editing on a Mac desktop

You select notes just like you do anything else on your computer (CTRL+click on Windows, Cmd+click on Mac) then choose the editing option you need in the right-hand pane. From there, you can do the following things to your selected notes:

  • add tags
  • move them all to a different notebook
  • email the selected notes
  • merge them into one note
  • save all the attachments within the selected notes to your computer
  • copy the links to each of the selected notes and create a table of contents note.

I’ve found the table of contents note very useful. I have a Help Desk notebook that’s shared with family members. [Note: If you are your family’s tech support desk, having one of these can save you lots of grief!] I’ve used the table of contents note to make it easier for them to find help on specific topics or apps.

Did you notice the Start Presentation button? This is only available to Premium users on a Mac desktop. It’s very cool, but I seldom present from a computer so not so useful for me. MacBook user/presenters could find it very handy.

Thanks to Evernote’s batch features and a recent frosty afternoon that kept me close to the warm air vent, I was able to streamline the number of notebooks I maintain by consolidating them into major topics and letting tags and smart searches do the rest. But that’s a story for another day . . .

  • Linda K. McNeil Wilky

    Hallelujah! I’ve gotten behind in keeping up with some of the tricks available in Evernote, simply because the system I use in Evernote works so well for me. I did have a wish that, within Evernote, I could copy a batch of tags that I added to one note, then paste them on another note. I see from your blog here that I was thinking about the problem backwards. By using the batch-editing you described, I can save the two notes first, THEN add all the tags at once to both notes! D’uhh! I should have known! Thank you for the explanation. This will save me a lot of time.

    • http://moultriecreek.us Denise Olson

      Linda, I know exactly what you mean. I don’t know how long the batch stuff had been out there before I noticed it. I get into a rut doing things from habit, not even seeing useful options staring at me from the screen.