Facebook as a research source?

I belong to several “nostalgia” groups on Facebook – an alumni group for my high school and a couple of groups discussing local history. I am amazed at the photos and stories that regularly appear in those groups. Recently a fellow researcher in the Georgia county where my mother’s family lived recommended a similar group for that county. What a treasure! Not only do I enjoy seeing people and places I remember from our frequent summers in that area, it’s a wonderful way to get reacquainted with old friends and long-lost cousins. It’s something else too – a way to develop relationships with other locals to learn more about the area and even family members no longer with us. Something as simple as posting a photograph can generate some amazing conversations and some very interesting leads.

You might also look to see if a local historical or genealogical society has a presence on Facebook. They could provide information on local resources – especially useful if your planning a trip to that area.

Are you using Facebook to help research distant locations? If so, what kind of results have you had?

  • http://travelgenee.com/ Fran

    I have used Facebook to hunt out and make contact with cousins. We all left for places around the globe when phone calls were expensive so lost contact. Now I have travelled to meet up with them again. We share family stories so it has helped my research too. Facebook is also useful for the odd photo for the family tree. People are glad to share if you spot a nice photo. Fran