From the Archives: Family Cookbook – 21st Century Style

I’m a sucker for cookbook apps. I’ve tried them all – or very close – and have found a jewel in a little app for my iPad and Mac called Paprika [iOS $4.99, Mac $19.99].

What a delight! First, it imported my MacGourmet recipes easily – including photos and notes. I had spent days manually entering the recipes from our Family Cookbook – with photos and anecdotes – into MacGourmet and didn’t want to have to do that again so I was really jazzed with the results. I did have to add category information, but that’s an easy process.
Paprika Browser
Now the fun begins. Paprika has a built-in browser with bookmarks to the most popular online recipe sites. When I find a recipe I want, one tap (literally) on the Save Recipe button saves it in Paprika. The app also includes menu planning which lets me select what I want to cook for the week then one tap gives me the shopping list of things I’ll need from the market. I am loving this!

It gets better. It appears that iPads are cropping up all over the family. One cousin now has Paprika – and the family cookbook recipes – on her iPad and we’re already emailing recipes back and forth. My guess is the rest of the girls will be doing the same shortly.
Paprika Browser
I’ve edited and published two editions of treasured family recipes using word-processing software, copy machines (first edition) and (second edition). Something tells me there won’t be another print edition of The Family Cookbook. Remember those categories I had to add when I imported my recipes? Paprika supports multiple categories for each recipe so in addition to categories for appetizers, soups and main dishes, I’ve added a legacy category and we’ll be able to quickly pull them up for special family occasions.
Paprika Browser
There’s no law that says the recipe photo has to be a photo of the recipe. I started using family photos back in my MacGourmet days and will continue here by adding family photos related to each special recipe – either a photo of the recipe’s author or from a family event where the dish was served. The notes area of each recipe in my cookbook often includes a family anecdote related to the dish. Both represent today’s version of notes in the margin and scribbled recipes stuffed into a treasured cookbook.

And, when I have a new recipe (from either the legacy or modern category) to share with the other Paprika users in the family, one tap on the email button sends it on its way and one tap by the receiving party adds it to her Paprika recipes.

I’m thinking that digital storytelling has just landed on the iPad as our family shares their favorite family recipes to include photos and stories associated with them. Life is good – and tasty!

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      Thanks! Food topics are always good ones.