Build your own family history distribution system

If your family is like mine, there’s a growing number of Kindle owners among your relations. Have you considered what a fabulous family history opportunity those devices provide? Take advantage of Amazon’s Personal Document Service and its related Send to Kindle feature to build your own family history distribution system. The first step in building your system is getting the email address of each relative’s Kindle device and having them include your email address as an authorized distributor. Then you need to create your family stories in a format that’s easily read on their devices.

Attached is a Word document formatted to fit the small Kindle e-ink screen with custom styles set to appropriate fonts for easy reading on those devices. Follow the simple instructions included in the document to create and deliver your stories to your family Kindles.

Personal document template for Kindles.

While this document is designed for the e-ink Kindle devices, it will also work quite well on the NOOK e-ink readers along with Kindle, NOOK and iPad tablets. On the tablets, you should be able to read it in landscape view as a two-page spread. Go ahead and include color images in your projects. The tablets will display them beautifully and the e-ink devices will automatically convert them to grayscale.

This template file is a Word document, but can be opened in Apple’s Pages word processing app as well. Either way, the final document should be sent to the Kindle as a PDF file for best results.

>> eReader Template Download

  • Joe

    thank you so much for the kindle template, it’s really pain in the ass formatting.

  • altiplanoadventures

    Two complete rookie questions – Where do I find the email address of my Kindle? And does this work for Kindle on iPad, or just on actual Kindle readers themselves? Thanks!

    • Denise Barrett

      Log into your account at Amazon and go to the Manage My Kindle page. In the left sidebar you’ll see a link to “Manage Your Devices”. That’s the screen you want. There you’ll see each device and app you have registered for your account. There’s a default name and email address assigned, but click the “Edit” link just after the device name and you can change the name. Notice the note/link at the bottom of the device list stating that you have to go to Personal Document Settings to change the email addresses. In my account I have email addresses for everything but the iMac app and the cloud reader.

  • Rootfinders Genealogy Research

    Yes, Thank you very much for the template and formatting tips. Great idea for distribution of family info.

    • Denise Barrett

      You’re very welcome. Enjoy!