Family Trading Cards

Sample ATCTake inspiration from artist trading cards to create family trading cards. You can make each one individually using the instructions from wikiHow at the link below or create them digitally so you can “mass produce” them. Cards can be combined with the magnetic frames used to post photos on the fridge to create family trees or other interesting displays. It’s a great way to spark your kids’ interest in their family history – and you might capture a few adults too.

Artist trading cards, or ATCs, began in the tradition of business cards, but with a personal, artistic twist. Most ATCs are created on paper, but they may also be any other medium that can be worked in a suitable size. ATCs are traditionally the size of baseball cards and other trading cards. They’re a fun way to exchange your own one-of-a-kind artistic flair with other artists you meet. You can also use them as business cards.

via How to Make Artist Trading Cards: 11 Steps (with Pictures).