Family Yearbook – People Pics

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been looking for some kind of photo guest book app that will let me capture photos for my family yearbook project. My cousin-in-law found a great iPad wedding book app which he put to use with delightful results at his daughter’s recent wedding. It combined the fun of Photo Booth and the ability to add a quick “written” note to build a lovely photo album.

Sample page from the Wedding Book app.

Wedding Book [iPad – $9.99] and the iPad are set up on a sturdy tripod and the app will walk guests through the process of taking the pictures, adding comments and saving the page. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, the guests can send themselves a copy of their page via email. And, if there’s an AirPrint-capable printer nearby, copies can be printed too. My cousins added a few fun props (hats, funny glasses, etc.) which made it even more fun. For the bridal couple, they have a treasured album to help them remember all the people who shared that special day with them. This would be perfect – if it wasn’t so wedding-focused.

There are a few photo guest books listed in the App Store, but the reviews aren’t that good and I don’t have the time – or money – to try them out.

I am experimenting with iPhone apps I already have like my Day One journal app [iOS – $4.99 & Mac – $9.99] – to capture photos that are both automatically date- and location-stamped and offer the ability to add comments. The photos generated by these apps are also in my device’s camera roll, making them available for other uses – like the yearbook. This option may not generate as much fun, but it gives me more control of the results. And, with the Evernote app, I might just be able to get my address book updated in the process. Hmmmmm . . .

Although my family yearbook project doesn’t kick off until January 1st, this Christmas has all of my generation in one place at the same time. It’s an opportunity too good to pass up. I’m sure we’ll all be taking lots of photos.

  • Denise Levenick

    I love this idea. I’m stealing it!

    • Bookseller

      Great! As long as we can compare notes. . .