Flickr for Bloggers

Flickr is an awesome and affordable place to build your photo archives and the recently announced 1TB storage limits for free accounts make it even more attractive. But, how good is its blogging support? Let’s take a look.

The easiest way to blog a photo is right from the photo’s page on Flickr. The Share icon at the bottom of each photo will open up the Share menu – displaying your active options and allowing you to include others. Each major blog platform is included along with a number of social networking platforms. The photo gallery below walks you through that process.

Notice that you can set up multiple blogs within a platform – like the two WordPress blogs shown in the above sharing pane example.

Thanks to the many plugins available for Flickr, self-hosted WordPress bloggers can do even more with their Flickr accounts. For example, the  Media Manager Plus plugin adds access to Flickr, Instagram, 500px and Dribble right from your editor’s Media component, making it easy to find and insert images into your blog posts.

Viewing Flickr photos from within the WordPress Media Manager using the Media Manager Plugin.

Viewing Flickr photos from within the WordPress Media Manager using the Media Manager Plugin.

You can access Flickr photos by user (any user), tag or most recent. Images matching your results appear quickly and can be selected and inserted in your post from this screen. Caution: this plugin doesn’t display copyright information about the images so if you’re using photos from other users in your post, you may want to visit the actual photo page and check this before you publish.

I like that the share option lets me use the photo’s description since the photo page’s editor has more “space” to edit and it allows me to include content on both the photo page and my blog post with minimal effort. Unfortunately, the Flickr widget doesn’t include functionality for including tags and categories so I do have to visit the blog and add those myself.

Even that problem can be solved quite easily by using WordPress’s PressThis bookmarklet. You’ll find it on the Writing page within your blog’s Settings section. Just drag the Press This icon to your browser’s bookmark bar and you’re ready to go. If you have more than one WordPress blog, you’ll need to drag the bookmarklet from each blog site. Fortunately, you can rename the bookmarklet to identify which is which. I use “Press Gazette” and “Press Journal” to differentiate between blogs.

PressThis bookmarklet

A view of the posting pane created by the Press This bookmarklet. Note that it takes a few seconds for the photo images to appear. They come from photos related to the Flickr image displayed in your browser when you clicked the bookmarklet.

As you can see, there’s a lot more functionality available to you from this mini editor.

WordPress isn’t the only blog platform offering a bookmarklet feature. Tumblr is very media friendly and their bookmarklet not only supports media like Flickr photos, you only need one bookmarklet for access to all your Tumblr blogs. TypePad also has a bookmarklet and I’m hoping to see one on Posthaven soon. Here’s a look at the Tumblr bookmarklet in action.

The Tumblr bookmarklet capturing a Flickr photo.

The Tumblr bookmarklet capturing a Flickr photo.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to easily include your Flickr photos in your blog posts. Do a bit of experimenting and see which one works best for you.