Flipboard for News

Flipboard [iPad, iPhone and Android – free] has been a favorite reading app for some time. One of the very nice things about Flipboard is that it doesn’t just use Google Reader – or RSS for that matter – as the only source for the content in the app. It will pull in content from Twitter (it follows the links in tweets and pulls in the content at the other end of the link), Facebook, LinkedIn and a number of other social platforms as well as a growing collection of unique news sources.

Flipboard accounts screen

On March 13th, they released an announcement to all Flipboard users that they wouldn’t lose their Google Reader content after the shutdown. The subscription list will be saved in your Flipboard account and you can add RSS feeds at any time. The only thing you have to do is insure you have a Flipboard account set up. This is necessary to keep your content options saved and to sync that content from one device to another. Tap on the red ribbon at the top of the home screen, then tap the Accounts item. This is where you set up both your Flipboard account and the social networks you want pulled into it.

Flipboard doesn’t have a desktop or web-based app, nor does it have as many sharing options as Reeder and other reading apps, but it provides one of the best reading experiences I’ve seen on any platform. If you read most of your news on a tablet, Flipboard may well be the best option to replace Google Reader.

  • http://afamilytapestry.blogspot.com/ Jacqi Stevens

    Sounds like a viable alternative for those of us suffering from Google Abandonment! Magazine format gives an added bonus. I’d love to read more details on your critique of Flipboard, especially from the perspective of blogging.

    • Denise Barrett

      Hi Jacqi! Good to hear from you. I don’t have much to criticize. Flipboard is probably the top of my list for news readers. If you search the Gazette for Flipboard, you’ll see several articles raving about how wonderful it is.