Found Ephemera – Doodle Your Own

bubble doodle
What you see here is something I doodled on my iPad. I created it using the iDraw app [iPad – $8.99, Mac – $24.99] which is a vector drawing app that makes it easy to create all kinds of little graphic goodies. Vector graphics are different than bit-mapped graphics in that they scale up (can be enlarged) without becoming pixelated. These are the kinds of graphics made with expensive apps like Adobe Illustrator.
Flourish border
Apps like this can make the shakiest hand look like a seasoned artist. When using the pen tool, all I have to do is to check a box that I want the app to “smooth” out my strokes and I can create all kinds of cool squiggles and flourishes like the ones you see here. In this doodle, I only actually made three strokes – the heart, the little curl and the larger swoosh. [Don’t you love all these highly technical terms?] Then, I copied them, flipped them horizontally and vertically and voilà! – I have a nice little graphic.

Even if you aren’t an Apple user, there are some very affordable vector drawing apps for Windows and Android too. There’s Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro in desktop [Win & Mac – $36.84] and mobile editions [Android – $2.99 & iPad – $2.99].

On tablets, I can draw with my finger, but I find a stylus easier to manage. On a desktop, a pen tablet such as Wacom’s Bamboo Pen Tablet [$61.28 which includes ArtRage and SketchBook Express apps] makes drawing easier – and fine photo-editing tasks too.

Yes, it took a little time and practice before I created anything I would keep. Fortunately, there’s the ever-popular undo button that gives me unlimited do-overs. I found a delightful book – Doodling for Papercrafters [$14.83] – which is full of inspiration and exercises to get me into a doodling mood.