Fun with widgets

Widget visibility screen users and self-hosted users with Jetpack can now select which widgets appear and in what circumstances. Notice the new Visibility button at the bottom of your widgets. Once clicked, the highlighted section appears giving you options for when and where this widget will be visible on the site. Why would you want to do this? In this example, I’m setting up a links widget to only appear when the visitor selects the Digital Storytelling category to view. I might want one set of links to appear on the Digital Storytelling category screen and a different set of links to appear on the Blog Bytes category screen. Now I can do that!

After setting up the parameters, click the Add link shown on the right. You can have multiple parameters if you want. For example, I could say show this widget only if the Category is Digital Storytelling and the Tag is “software”.

This visibility feature can be very useful as your content grows on your family history blog. You can now build sections within your site for different family groups, each with its own customized sets of sidebar information thanks to widgets and this new visibility feature.