genBUZZ News Service Update

The news that Google Reader is shutting down has generated a lot of concern among geneabloggers. Fortunately, a number of people are working hard to fill the void Google Reader’s demise will create. Other apps and platforms are sitting pretty because they already use alternative forms of content distribution. One of those alternatives is Twitter.

The more I experiment with Twitter as a news aggregator, the more impressed I become. That’s why I set up the @genBUZZ account some time back. It’s sole purpose is to provide a genealogy news service. If you are blogging, make sure you are announcing each post via Twitter in addition to your platform’s RSS feed. WordPress users will find this quite easy to do using the Publicize component of the Jetpack plugin. It takes little or no effort on your part, while expanding the reach for your posts.

Once you’ve got your Twitter announcements set up, go to Twitter and follow @genBUZZ. I check followers regularly and add them to the various lists maintained in the profile.

Here are the reading options currently available via @genBUZZ:

  • By following the account’s timeline, you’ll receive updates from all the sites @genBUZZ is following.
  • The account’s tweets provide a curated collection of interesting news, articles and information – not always limited to genea-sources.
  • You can also follow any of the account’s lists for topic-specific content like archives, genealogy pros, graveyards, publishing, photography, geneabloggers, societies and research techniques.

Flipboard [iPad & Android- free] is still my reader of choice and it turns @genBUZZ into a delightful magazine. It now works on iOS and Android tablets. iPhone/Touch readers can use the smartr [iPhone/Touch – free] app for reading Twitter and Facebook updates. Another option is Taptu [Android & iOS – free]. It supports multiple Twitter feeds and has a nice layout for the small screen. I’ve seen photos of it on a tablet that show an awesome interface so it’s definitely worth a look.

genBUZZ will continue to grow and while I’m having great fun doing it, it’s not just for me. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

  • Judith Richards Shubert

    Sounds like an exciting way to track all our favorites! I MUST come into the 21st century and get one of those iPads!