Genealogy 101


The Genealogy 101 blog on Tumblr.

I’m doing a series of classes on genealogy basics for our local Council on Aging and I wanted to build a Genealogy 101 “resource center” to support it. Because there’s so much good information already out there – from people who know a lot more about it than I do – that I decided not to try and re-invent the genealogical wheel. I chose Tumblr for my platform because it makes it so easy to collect and share stuff from around the ‘net. Although it doesn’t have categories like you find in WordPress, it does do tags [Did I ever mention how much I love tags?] and even though the pages feature is a bit crude (those ribbons you see on the bottom right above are links to the pages on this site), you can still include them.

Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t include a tag cloud although I have seen them in other themes. I did find a tag generator script and was able to build a page to display my tags using it.

One other quick tip . . . since many readers are using the reader feature in Tumblr’s mobile apps to follow a number of blogs, it’s a good idea to occasionally include a post that points the reader to any static pages on your site.

  • Tracy Whittington

    This is great! Your design work is amazing.

    • Denise Olson

      LOL! The only credit I get is making a good choice. Tumblr has some great themes.

  • Nancy Hurley

    Denise, again I am so impressed ! I love the Moultrie Creek Gazette for the way you synthesize and explain great resources for both researching and blogging. There are always a few tips for new apps, writing ideas or well-written and friendly nudges for us to get moving along on a project. I am not new to the genealogy world, but I found your new Tumblr page had good leads for me, too. Thanks for sharing it. I hope it’s okay if I talk about the Gazette and link to the Genealogy 101 page in a post on my blog this week.
    Nancy Hurley

    • Denise Olson

      You’ve made my day. All that flattery is better than ice cream! The Genealogy101 site has been a re-education for me too. I think we all get into our own research workflow and lose track of some of the things that could be quite useful. I’m also amazed at all the great how-to resources we now have thanks to the many Geneabloggers sharing their expertise in different areas of research.