Google Web Fonts – not just for the web

Google has a growing collection of open source fonts which you can use to dress up your web site – and much more. Google Web Fonts now has more than 400 font families and you can use them not only for web design but also for offline projects like book design and scrapbooking. If you’re a font fanatic like me you know how difficult it is to keep up with licensing agreements and terms of use from one font foundry to another. When planning to share a project publicly or – heaven forbid – sell your work, you want to be sure you don’t get into trouble for using a font in an inappropriate manner. That won’t be a problem with one of these fonts. According to Google, “you can use them in every way you want, privately or commercially – in print, on your computer, or in your websites”.

As you wander through the collection, when you see a font you like, click Choose to add it to your collection. Then click Review to view a recap of your selections. When ready, click Use to bookmark or download your collection. I recommend bookmarking each collection you create so you can get back to it should you need to recreate this collection in the future. The “speedometer” you see in the example shows what kind of performance issues your selected fonts may generate when being used on a web site. This is not applicable if you’re downloading the collection for use offline.

If you plan to use the collection on your site, keep scrolling down the “Use” page to see the information you need to add at your site/blog. Google does provide some instruction for this, but you need to be familiar with editing the HTML and CSS code on your site. Note to Blogger users – many of these fonts are already incorporated into the template designer so when you are choosing fonts for your blog’s design elements, you’re choosing from fonts in this collection.

While I love being able to use new and fun fonts online, my interest in Google’s font collection is primarily for use in family history projects like photo albums and documentaries, movies and scrapbooks that I will share and/or sell online. Whatever your project or purpose, you can use these beautiful fonts and enjoy knowing that they are perfectly legal. Thank you Google!