The Hand-crafted Digital Journal

I love journaling with Day One [Mac – $9.99, iOS – $4.99]. I have the app on my Mac, iPad and iPhone which gives me the ability to not only capture my thoughts but also capture special moments when they happen. The geek in me appreciates its use of markdown to help insure my ramblings will survive future technologies, but the doodler in me misses the hand-written page embellished with doodles and sketches.

Recently that all changed.

It was one of those gray, damp and blustery days that’s perfect for catching up on journaling. I was curled up on the couch with Miss Marple solving mysteries on tv while I tapped away on my iPad. I wanted to doodle but Day One isn’t the best platform for that. Another one of my favorite apps is – Paper by Fifty-three [iPad – free]. After a bit of scribbling I happened to notice that I could share pages from my sketchbook to my iPad’s Photo Library. Hmmm . . .

And Day One can import a photo from the iPad’s Photo Library . . .

So now I have the best of both worlds – a hand-crafted digital journal! Life is good.

One important note – although Paper is a free app, you’ll need to make several in-app purchases for tools before it can do much of anything useful. The essential tools – Sketch, Write, Draw, Outline and Color – will cost $6.99 and the new color Mixer is another $1.99.

Recently, the folks at Paper released a new kind of stylus, called Pencil, which makes doodling on my iPad even easier. It’s not cheap – prices start at $50 – but if you love doodling and sketching, it’s well worth the price. See for yourself.


Oh, and if you’re a MacJournal [iPad – on sale today for $2.99] fan, you can use the same tactic to put your Paper doodles into those journals too.