Housekeeping at the Gazette

The data server arrived yesterday and I am doing some serious digital remodeling to not only clean up my data (long overdue) but to get better organized for working between computers and devices. I’ll pass on those lessons learned once I learn them.

I’m also doing a bit of cleanup here at the Gazette. Among the many things needing work are my resource pages. You’ll find them in the top menu under Resources and they pull together various articles written on a specific topic. For example, the Digital Toolbox page lists each of the tools with links to articles discussing them. I’ve just added a WeRelate page which not only serves as a table of contents for my WeRelate series, but also pulls in some older articles discussing other uses for WeRelate.

Two other new resource pages are Blog Bytes and The Personal Archive. These pages pull in the articles written on each topic and I’m using the Diigo bookmarking platform to help make it easier to maintain. I’ve bookmarked the articles and then, using custom tags assigned to each article as it’s bookmarked, created a filtered view showing only those articles. Diigo generates an RSS feed for those filtered items which I pull into the resource page using the very nice RSS in Page plugin for WordPress. Now, when I write a new post for one of these series and bookmark it using Diigo, it will be added to the appropriate resource page automatically.

Ain’t technology grand?!!