iPad File Management

Two of the most useful apps on my iPad are both by Readdle. First there’s Documents [iOS – free] that not only reads just about any kind of file ranging from Office documents to ebooks but also is a media player for movies, audio and podcasts. And, it connects to just about every cloud service known to man with a file manager that makes it easy to move these document, publication and media files to and from your tablet and the cloud services you use. Oh, and you can open email attachments to read in Documents too. It’s absolutely amazing!

. . . until you take a look at PDF Expert [iOS – $9.99]. This app takes PDF documents to a whole new level. With PDF Expert, you can fill in forms, sign documents, highlight and bookmark text, draw on a document and even add comments. It can open PDFs you receive as email attachments. You can also encrypt documents to protect them.


A look at the file manager in Documents.

The file management component in both apps are almost identical. Each displays the files stored in the app on your device, as well as your photos and any external storage you use like iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box or GoogleDocs. I love the Wi-Fi Drive feature which makes it easy to move files from my desktop to my iPad. Just yesterday I used the browser built into the Documents app to download RootsTech sessions material, review them and move them to my reference library at Box. Because it was all done in the same app, it was actually easier than trying to do this on my desktop!

Documents is an impressive reading app, but its file management features turns it into a must-have tool for your iPad.