iPhone Baby Book

Busy moms are juggling kids, jobs, activities and pets. Finding time to start – let alone maintain – a baby book is a challenge. I see a lot of moms using their app phone and Facebook to capture and share all those special moments. I like the phone part of that but Facebook? The thought of putting a child’s name, face and birthdate on Facebook is really scary. Not only does it provide all kinds of identity theft ammunition, it also gives a predator lots of information that can be used to gain your child’s confidence.

“But Facebook is so easy.”

Yes, but it’s not the only easy option. You’ll find a growing number of journaling apps include in-app photo and video capture as well as the ability to pull items from your camera roll. On the iPhone, the Day One journaling app is truly amazing. In addition to photographs and videos, the app will automatically date stamp each new entry and can include both location and weather information too. So, snap a picture, add a few words describing it and Day One takes care of the rest.

Day One has apps for your iPhone, iPad and Mac desktop and can keep your journal synched between them all using either iCloud or Dropbox. Each journal entry can easily be shared via email, Twitter and other services with one tap.

So, while capturing and documenting those special moments from birth on is easy and sharing them is both easy and safe, Day One offers an even bigger benefit – archives. Not only are you capturing and saving all this family history, Day One saves your typed entries as plain text so years from now it will still be quite readable. It provides an automatic set-and-forget backup function that stashes copies of your journal at the backup location of your choice for further protection. And, at any time, you can save some or all of your journal as PDF documents.

Day One journal entry

A sample Day One journal entry with photo.

Using just one journal file, you can maintain entries for all your kids as well as your own thoughts. Organization is easy – just add tags to define the topic(s) of any journal entry. You can even include hashtags within the text of your entry and Day One will see them as tags. Using those tags, you can pull together all the entries for a specific child, a special event or topic and export them to PDF or external text files for use in family history projects.

Day One can easily serve as a baby book, travel journal, repository for your child’s art and school papers, personal journal and much more. And you can carry it around with you at all times on your iPhone or other iThings.

Facebook? Fa’get about it!