Livescribe Sky Pen

sky pen
Santa arrived early at my house, delivering the 2GB Livescribe Sky pen [currently on sale for $149.99]. The Sky pen is different from other Livescribe pens in several ways. First, it has built-in Wi-Fi and second, there’s no desktop app. Instead, this pen syncs directly to Evernote. When you first set up your new pen, you’ll give it a name. Evernote uses this name to build a notebook stack. Yes, it still requires the special dotted paper to function, but you can work in multiple notebooks at once. This allows me to have one notebook just for family research and another one for blog topics and notes. When those notes are synched to Evernote, each notebook/journal gets its own notebook within the pen’s Evernote stack. And, when I print my notes rather than write in cursive, Evernote’s handwriting recognition makes those notes searchable.

The ability to record audio while taking handwritten notes is the primary reason I use Livescribe pens. I’m quite impressed with the sound quality and it’s a lot less intimidating than having a recording device sitting in the middle of the table during an interview. The 2GB pen can store up to 200 hours of audio. When synched, your text/audio notes are saved in Evernote as pencasts. Tap at any point in your notes to hear what was being said while you were writing. You can also share you notes via mail, Google Drive, Dropbox and Facebook.

The Sky pen is significantly fatter than my original Pulse pen but these old hands find that quite comfortable. The mini USB cable used to charge the pen can be plugged into any USB charging device – even in my car – giving me even more note-taking independence. This is an impressive device that integrates beautifully with Evernote – my favorite note-taking app. It just doesn’t get much better than this. Thank you, Santa!

The Sky pen discount is available at Amazon until December 22nd.