Mac’s Smart Folders

Smart Folders aren’t really a folder, but rather a saved search within your Mac’s Finder. These are especially handy when you want to “collect” all the data you have about a person, location, record or topic regardless where it is physically within your filing system. Once you set up your search and save it to the Finder’s sidebar, any new file created or added to your file system that meets that search criteria will automatically “appear” in your smart folder. This way you only maintain one copy of a file but can have it show up in any number of smart folders.

Below is a little video demonstration of how to create a smart folder. Thanks to some very nice cyber sales this week, I’ve already received a couple of my Christmas presents and this screen recorder app is one of them. This is my first experiment with the app and I was too lazy to pull out the headset. Future demos should be much more professional . . .

Mac Smart Folders Demo from Moultrie Creek on Vimeo.

In the demo, I only used the Contents attribute in my search. There are a number of other attributes that can be used to develop some pretty complex searches. Here’s a look at the general options. The Other option opens up dozens more attributes ranging from album titles in iTunes to number of pages in a document to tags assigned in iPhoto. If you can imagine it, Finder can make it happen.