Make Your Own Scrapbook Art


Sometime back I purchased a scrapbook kit of gorgeous background papers based on beach scenes, but the terms of use were so restrictive I had few projects where it would be safe to use them. Then I grabbed a photograph from the deck at the Beachcomber – a favorite local beach joint – one morning when we were there for breakfast. It was quite similar to one in the clipart package so I set to work with the photo-editing apps I had to see if I couldn’t recreate the look.

Except for taking the photograph, this was all created on my iPad. First I opened it using the DistressedFX app and experimented with the gels and textures in the app to get this washed out pastel look. After saving it to my Camera Roll on the iPad, I closed DistressedFX and opened the Glaze app. This app can turn your photograph into a painting. I experimented until I found a sweet spot somewhere between photo and painting that gave me a vintage beach scene look. It made the perfect backdrop to a birthday card for my aging surfer brother.

Even when I don’t have a photograph from the period I’m documenting, these apps allow me to “age” a current photo to compliment the project I’m creating. And have fun in the process.

The DistressedFX app costs 99¢ and although Glaze is a free app, the $2.99 all styles in-app purchase is well-worth the money.