Making Books with Pages

Smashing Magazine ebookApple’s Pages word processing app [Mac – $19.99 and iOS – free] is a pretty amazing app, supporting both word processing and layout functionality in an intuitive and beautiful package. Now, thanks to the folks at Smashing Magazine, it’s my go-to tool for building ebooks. Just recently I stumbled on their How to Produce an eBook with Apple Pages and it provides step-by-step details on how to build a PDF, Mobi (Kindle) and ePub edition from one Pages document. This book is short and sweet with plenty of screenshots providing examples of how it all works. They tell you how to format your text and images so they will display correctly in each of the formats and provide tips on covers and other necessities for a well-designed book.

If that wasn’t enough, they included the workflow they use to build Smashing Magazine ebooks from the blog content on their site. Think about it . . . they collect related articles from their site to build a book on that topic. Do you think this might also be useful for genea-bloggers? I’m already sketching some plans for a couple of Gazette publications.

You’ll find How to Produce an eBook with Apple Pages at Moultrie Creek Books.

  • Jimmy Zimmerman

    That’s awesome. I have written some code to slurp down my wife’s blog so that I can get it into a pdf for publishing on I was trying to figure out how to do epub. This might be a good option. I might have to read their book.