Managing iPhoto Libraries

Although iPhoto isn’t the most efficient photo organizer, because it has “hooks” into almost every other Mac app, it is still a very useful tool. With the help of iPhoto Library Manager [free and $19.95 versions], you can easily create and move between multiple photo libraries. Smaller photo libraries are easier to manage and as my collections of scanned family photos/documents, current photos, cemetery photos and scrapbooking graphics continue to grow I’ve decided to keep each collection in its own library.

Photo Library Manager screen

Photo Library Manager screen

The free version allows you to maintain and move between multiple libraries, but the advanced features included with the paid version include:

  • Copying albums and events between libraries without the 20 photo limit
  • Merging libraries together
  • Importing photos directly into a library or album along with various metadata
  • The ability to have more than one iPod Folder at a time, and copy more than 100 photos to an iPod folder
  • Creating iPhoto library shortcuts

I have created separate libraries for my current photos, old family photos and documents, cemetery photos and even my scrapbooking graphics. In the image above you’ll see even more libraries but that’s because I’m still in the middle of my remodeling operations and haven’t deleted the old libraries yet.

Note: All these features require iPhoto version 4.0.3 or later.

  • Linda

    Oh, perfect! This is exactly what I need. I even need most of those same categories you’ve divided yours into. Thank you! You’ve done it again!