Dungeness Ruins – Cumberland Island, Georgia

Gentility is what’s left over from rich ancestors after the money is gone.
~ John Ciardi

Evernote Tutorials

Evernote has a channel on YouTube full of video tutorials showing you how to get them most out of Evernote. This short demonstration of the Web Clipper is one example. Visit the Evernote Channel to see the others.

Documents – the Swiss Army Knife of iOS

One of the most useful apps on my iPad and iPhone is Documents [iOS – free] from Readdle. It can be used to read documents (PDF, Office, text, etc.) as well as books (PDF and epub) but it can also be used to listen to music, watch videos and browse photographs. And, it has some…

Thank You

Even with the “technical difficulties” it was a great seminar. It was a pleasure to meet so many focused researchers!

Today’s Tech – Oct. 16th

Mac users will find big updates for the iWork apps (Pages, Keynote & Numbers) on both Mac and iOS. This includes support for the new Mac/iOS split screen and force touch features. One very nice update supports extended features in OpenType fonts like small caps, contextual fractions, alternative glyphs and others. If you have older documents from…

Creative Keynote – The Digital Scrapbook

Since my favorite storytelling format is a digital hybrid somewhere between a journal and a scrapbook, I need a software platform that supports a broad range of features. My favorite storytelling platform has to be Keynote, Apple’s presentation graphics app. You may be more familiar with presentation graphics for building  . . . presentations, but you…

Tip: Dictate an Evernote Using Siri

Although you can create an audio note in Evernote, there are times – like when you’re in the car – that just getting into a note in Evernote can be too much distraction. If you’ve got an iPhone that supports the Siri personal assistant app, you can easily dictate a note to Evernote – hands…

Today’s Tech – Oct 10th

Tumblr bloggers using the iOS app recently received an update that makes some changes to how photos are included in posts. Tap the All Photos option at the top of the selector panel to narrow your selection to a specific album. Nice. The update notice also hinted this update would be leading to even bigger changes…