Backup Your Blog

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Some blog platforms like Tumblr and Posthaven do not have a backup or export capability. For those of us using our blogs to document our family history, this can be a big problem. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use these blog platforms, just that it will require a bit more effort. Here are a couple of…


Ulysses iconUlysses 2.1 for Mac and iPad is now available in the app store. This update includes automatic backup (yes!!). The iPad version includes collapsible folders making it easier to navigate multiple projects. Export options have changed. Instead of exporting to rich text format (RTF), you now export to DOCX which can be opened in either Microsoft’s Word or Apple’s Pages.

iPad Presentations

I’ve found my iPad works great as a traveling presentation tool. Instead of dragging a laptop and all the paraphernalia that goes with it, I carry my iPad mini along with a VGA connector and an HDMI connector. My iPhone serves as the remote control. Keynote is my presentation software of choice and I keep…


If you still have Flash installed on your computers, Adobe has just released an update (version that fixes several critical vulnerabilities. You should update your system right away.

RSS Ressurection?

It looks like the demise of RSS – and the blogs it supports – has gotten a reprieve. What brought this about? We can thank Apple’s upcoming News app/service and Facebook Instant Articles for this new interest in syndicated feeds. Even Feedly is testing a publisher toolkit which could give us more contol on how…


Denise Olson

It’s only temporary for now, but Firefox announced this morning that it is blocking Flash by default. Why? There are currently three active exploits that could attack user systems. If you are using Flash to view videos on your computer or in your browser, you may want to remove it to protect your system.

Share to Day One

When Mac users include Day One as a share menu option, things can get real interesting. Sure it will do the obvious tasks – like pulling in a photograph from Photos – but what it does with Safari can be very useful. Here I’ve selected some text from one of my favorite blogs then selected…