Newsreader Update

We’re seeing a lot of innovation happening as a result of Google Reader’s shut down. While it’s causing some grief and irritation in the short run, I think we’re going to soon be enjoying some awesome alternatives in the near future. Competition always spurs innovation. Here’s an update.

Scrivener Presets

Scrivener is fully customizable and can be set up to support the way you work in any number of ways. Here I look at formatting the text in the workspace to make it easier on my old eyes. I’m taking advantage of Scrivener formatting presets to set things up my way.

Mark Coker: Libraries to Become Community Publishing Portals

Interesting ideas. Genealogical and historical societies could implement something similar too: With the rise of ebooks, public libraries are at a crossroads. Some book publishers, fearful that library ebook lending will cannibalize retail sales of books, are reluctant to supply ebooks to libraries at the very time that library patrons are clamoring for greater access…