Photo Books – iPad Edition

Creating beautiful photo books gets easier every day. There are a number of platforms and apps to make the design and development experience both easy and enjoyable. Today I’m looking at the photo book-building capabilities of iPhoto on my iPad. It’s an option for building real-time photo books – like a travel journal while we’re traveling. I’ve probably taken the photos with my iPhone which is set up to save them in iCloud where they are easily accessible on my iPad too.¬†Once I’ve got my photos, I’m ready to get started on the book.

This slideshow walks you through the process of building a photo book on your iPad.

Photo books on the iPad are available in two sizes – 8″ x 8″ and 10″ x 10″ – both hardcover books with a minimum of 20 pages. The 8″ book starts at $25 for the 20-page minimum book and the 10″ book starts at $40.

If you want more size, style and binding options, you’ll need to use iPhoto on your desktop to create them. Unfortunately, you can’t begin a project on your iPad and then move it to the desktop. Personally, I find the Journal feature (iPhoto for iOS only) much more interesting. It’s easier to build and can be shared using iCloud with anyone or via AirDrop/Beaming to other mobile devices.